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Eclipse 2017 (Aug 21st):

Article describing NAU student’s and faculty’s observations during the partial solar eclipse that occurred on Aug 21st:
Shear awesomeness in this one, as this article talks about NAU’s Science and Engineering Day (Sept. 23rd).  This coincides with the Annual Flagstaff Festival of Science (Sept 22nd – Oct. 1st).


2 days until NAU kicks off the 2017 season at UofA!  Go Jacks!!!
Just in case you are thinking that there’s no way the Jacks can take down the Cats, I found the above article, which, although it doesn’t involve either team, and NMSU is (technically) a FBS football program, shows that upsets do happen. 
The second article is a little closer to home.  It talks about NAU’s upset of UNLV (FBS football team) in 2012.
Huge upsets can happen.  Go Jacks!!!
Women’s Soccer:

The Lady Jacks took down Canyon University 1-0, and will face the Detroit Titans tomorrow, and Nevada on Sunday.  Go Jacks!!!
Volleyball started the season (and the Miami Best Western Sycamore Inn Invitational) off strong with a victory (3-2) over Southern Illinois, but then dropped 2 straight to Western Kentucky (0-3) and Miami, Oh (1-3). Tomorrow, they will begin the Hampton Inn Jackrabbit Invitational in Brookings, SD against Valparaiso (Fri), CSU Bakersfield (Sat) and South Dakota St (Sat).  Go Jacks!!!!

Cross Country:
2 days until the Defending NCAA Champions begin their title defense at the George Kyte Classic in Flagstaff.  Go Jacks!!!

Men’s Basketball:

This article talks about the release of the schedule for the Men’s Basketball this upcoming season.

Fall 2017 Sports Season:

Football – 0-0 (0-0)

Soccer – 2-1-0 (0-0-0)

Volleyball – 1-2 (0-0) 

Cross Country (Men’s) – Defending NCAA National Champions!

Cross Country (Women’s) –

Spring Sports Season:

Tennis (Men) 15-8 (10-2)

Tennis (Women) 18-5 (10-1)

Golf – Anokhina – 1st at the Big Sky Conference Championships

Track and Field:

Hammer Throw (Women) Andersen: 2nd in NCAA

Hammer Throw (Men) Keenan: 11th in NCAA

10,000 meter (Men): Baxter: 7th in NCAA

Winter Sports Season:

Basketball (Men) 9-23 (6-13)

Basketball (Women) 9-21 (5-13)

Swimming and Diving – Kurach – 49th at NCAA Championships

Fall Sports Season:

Football – 5-6 (4-6)

Soccer – 10-7-5 (5-2-3) 2nd Big Sky

Volleyball – 24-8 (12-4)  2nd Big Sky

Cross Country (Men’s) – NCAA National Champions!

Cross Country (Women’s) – 1st in Big Sky

Let’s open up the thread, and remember to keep up the great work, Jacks!!!

For any of you who are out there reading this, would you like for these articles to be posted as blogs, or as separate websites?  I’m trying to get a feel for how to keep going here.  Also, if you’d like to contribute to this blog, let me know in the comments section!

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Going Rogue

Star Wars:
I went and saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story this past weekend.  The movie was excellent, I would highly recommend it.  It also reminded me of my time at NAU (when Star Wars Episodes II and III came out).  As a child, I was into Star Wars, but there were only the original Trilogy (Episodes IV – VI).  By the time Episode I came out, I had grown up, and didn’t have time for “nerdy” Star Wars movies anymore.  Fast forward several more years, and Episode VII (The Force Awakens) comes out.  Due to family changes, Star Wars movies are “cool” again, so I watched all of them in order.  I’m not too sorry I missed Episodes I – III while in college, they just don’t seem as good.
This article discusses the impact the bitumen (tar-like fuel extracted from oil sands) could have on the ocean in the case of a spill.  I mention the article because Dr. Thomas Sisk of NAU was one of the contributing authors to the study.
Off Campus Life:
Missed this one a few weeks ago, but thought I should share.  I remember frequenting Granny’s Closet during my years in Flagstaff, and it makes me sad that I will never be able to introduce my family to this wonderful restaurant.  Thank you, Zanzucchi family, for giving us such a great place to grab some wings and beers over the years!
Campus Life:
NAU keeps it green by being awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold status for the Aquatic and Tennis complex.  This is NAU’s 13th LEED-certified building.  Way to go Jacks!
Winter Sports Season:
Basketball (Men) 3-10 (0-0) The Jacks got their first win in December as they defeated UTEP but then stumbled against Illinois – Chicago.  Up next Big Sky Conference play against Southern Utah on Dec. 31st.  Go Jacks!!! #NAUStrong

Basketball (Women) 4-7 (0-0)  The Lady Jacks are taking notes from the Men apparently, losing to Grand Canyon University and Utah.  Up next, Conference play, as they will travel to take on Southern Utah on the 31st. Go Lady Jacks!!! #NAUStrong

Fall Sports Season:

Football – 5-6 (4-6)

Soccer – 10-7-5 (5-2-3) 2nd Big Sky

Volleyball – 24-8 (12-4)  2nd Big Sky

Cross Country (Men’s) – NCAA National Champions!

Cross Country (Women’s) – 1st in Big Sky

Merry Christmas!

Let’s open up the thread, and remember to keep up the great work, Jacks!!!

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Jacks picking up

Ok, so here we go:
Science – Although this did happen last weekend, I believe it still deserved to be mentioned.  October 15th, 2016 marked the 100 year anniversary of Percival Lowell’s death.  Lowell was an astronomer and mathematician who built the Lowell Observatory (named after Percival), he studied Mars and laid the foundation for the discovery of Pluto (which will always be a planet, as far as I am concerned).  Lowell also helped astronomy by being one of the first to place telescopes where they would function more efficiently (elevated areas away from populated areas (lights)), which has become common practice, and also his theories of Mars as a dying planet, although disproven, laid the ground work for many sci-fi stories.

Football – 3-4 (2-2) The Jacks have finally turned things around, winning at Montana State and at Home against Idaho State (for Homecoming).  They will take on #10 Montana this Saturday at the Walkup Skydome.  Let’s go Jacks!

Soccer – 6-7-3 (3-2-2) The Lady Jack Lost to N. Colorado, Tied with Montana, and defeated Eastern Washington, and will now hit the road to Idaho where they will face off against Idaho on Friday, and Idaho St. on Sunday.

Volleyball – 17-4 (7-1)  The Lady Jacks are still doing very well in Conference play, and have gone undefeated since the last post (3-0) winning at Idaho, and defeating Portland St. and Sacramento St. in Flagstaff.  Up next, the Lady Jacks will face off against Montana (tonight) and Montana St. (Saturday).

Let’s keep up the great work Jacks! #NAUStrong

Let’s open up the thread, and remember to keep up the great work, Jacks!!!

50 Years of Awesome Jacks!

To those of you who may actually look at this blog, I apologize for the delay in posting.

NAU – I found the above article interesting, I knew NAU had been around (under one name or another) since 1899.  The 100 celebration happened just as I was getting ready to start college.  I didn’t know that NAU became a university in 1966.  I tried the link in the article for the virtual exhibit, but it didn’t work as of Oct. 6th.  Hopefully they get it fixed, since I’d like to check it out virtually (going in person before Aug. 2017 doesn’t seem very likely).

Northern Arizona University: Cline Library Opens MakerLab With First MakerBot Innovation Center in the Western US

Science – The article above is awesome!  The MakerLab opened on Aug. 29th in Cline Library at NAU and is the first such MakerLab in the Western US.  I’m glad to see NAU continuing to do new exciting things in the STEM areas, and glad to see one of my former professors getting some (much deserved) credit.  Way to go , Dr. Tester!  I only wish this had opened when I was a student at NAU….it would have made our Senior Design Project way easier!

Football – 1-4 (0-2)  Well, after losing to Eastern Washington 50-35, the Jacks then played a more competitive game at Northern Colorado, but still fell 18-21.  The Jacks will continue to seek a W on the road at Montana St. on Saturday. GO JACKS!!!

Soccer – 4-6-2 (1-1-1)  First, congratulations to the the Lady Jacks who have, for the 14th straight year, earned the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Team Academic Award. Per the article below, the Lumberjacks posted a cumulative team grade point average of 3.40 for the 2015-16 academic year.

The Lady Jacks have done alright since the last post, going 1-1-1 (all conference play).  Up next, the Lady Jack continue Big Sky conference play on the road at North Dakota on Friday and at Northern Colorado on Sunday.  GO JACKS!!!

Volleyball – 14-3 (4-0) These lady Jacks have continued to win, remaining undefeated in conference matches.  Up next are matches and Eastern Washington tonight, and at Idaho on Saturday.  Keep up the great work ladies! Go Jacks!!!

In other news, the Phoenix Suns held their 14th training camp at NAU, and wrapped it up on Oct. 1st.  See article below for more info:

And finally, Homecoming week for the Lumberjack will take place from Oct. 10 – 15.   The article below has all the details:

Let’s open up the thread, and remember to keep up the great work, Jacks!!!

Tricky Little Jack

My son’s “X-Box” in the bed of my “truck”.

Tonight, my son played a pretty good trick on me: He gave me a toy truck.  He’s been asking for an X-Box for months, so I promised him a while back that if he got me a truck, then I would get him an X-Box.  After he gave me the truc, I quickly put an “X” on a medicine box and gave him his “X-Box”…he was not amused.  This reminds me a little bit of a trick I pulled on NAU when I went there (completing most of my Master’s while still an undergrad).  Let’s hear about the best trick you pulled on NAU (or that NAU pulled on you) in the comments section. Go Jacks!!!

For those of you that will be protesting and/hunting Pokémon: be careful out there.

NAU or AZ Tech?

On the eve of #Brexit (Britain’s referendum on leaving the European Union), I am reminded of my days at NAU.  While in Flagstaff, NAU decided to rebrand itself from blue and gold mountains to a sage, blue, gold, and white tree on a shield.  As I recall, the students’ thoughts on this new design were not requested, and most of my colleagues we not all that pleased with the new image.  Also in the early 2000’s, there was a rumor floating around that NAU would change its name to Arizona Technical University and become “Arizina Tech.”  As an engineering major, I liked this idea, however, it never came to pass.  Since its founding in 1899, NAU has had sevral names:  Northern Arizona Normal School, Northern Arizona State Teacher’s College, Arizona State Teacher’s College of Flagstaff, Arizona State College of Flagstaff, and Northern Arizona University.  What do you think, should NAU have changed its name to AZ Tech? Or something else?  Share your ideas in the Comments section below.  Go JACKS!!!

School’s Out

What’s your favorite memory from NAU?

So now that the semester is over, I think back on one of the memories that stands out from my time at NAU (besides graduating inside the Dome).  Back in 2003 or 2004, NAU made the playoffs for football and hosted a game against Florida International.  The Jacks didn’t win that day, but just being at the game was great.  So what’s you favorite memory from NAU?  Go Jacks!