Some good news

This article talks about how the NAU Dance team won another National Title at the  USA Collegiate Championships last week.  Way to go Jacks!!!

This video talks about NAU’s results this past week, where Shanice McPherson broke an NAU and Big Sky record in long jump which was previously set in 1984.  Way to go Jacks (and especially Shanice)!!!

Congratulations to Etude O’Neel-Judy and Robert Voinescu, both Juniors at NAU majoring in Mathematics and Physics.  Etude is one of three students from Arizona selected as a Goldwater Scholar in 2017.  Robert was an honorable mention for the prestigious award.  Way to go Jacks!!!

The NAU Swimming & Diving team placed 10 student-athletes on the 2017 Western Athletic Conference Winter All-Academic team.  Way to go, Aqua-Jacks!!! #NAUStrong

The WAC All-Academic Honorees are:

Alexa Geiger – Senior

Claire Hammond – Junior

Sara Lenhoff – Senior

Allison Mann – Junior

Audrey Mann – Junior

Logan Neal – Sophomore

Kimmy Richter – Junior

Andrea Schmidt – Sophomore

Alina Staffeldt – Junior

Sarah Takach – Sophomore

Spring Sports Season:

Tennis (Men) 11-7 (6-1):  The Jacks will look to move on from their first Big Sky Conference loss against Portland St. and Eastern Washington this week. #GoJacks  #NAUStrong

Tennis (Women) 13-4 (7-0): The Lady Jacks have their Conference winning streak (currently at 7) still going.  Up next, they’ll take on Idaho.  #GoJacks  #NAUStrong

Track and Field:  Still need to figure out a good way to display Track and Field results.  Up next, the Jim Click Shootout in Tucson starting on April 6th. #GoJacks  #NAUStrong

Golf:  Next, the Jacks will head to Tempe for the PING/ASU Invitational.  #GoJacks  #NAUStrong
Fall Sports Season:
Soccer: They Lady Jacks have announced their spring schedule for next year:

Winter Sports Season:

Basketball (Men) 9-23 (6-13)

Basketball (Women) 9-21 (5-13)

Swimming and Diving – Kurach – 49th at NCAA Championships

Fall Sports Season:

Football – 5-6 (4-6)

Soccer – 10-7-5 (5-2-3) 2nd Big Sky

Volleyball – 24-8 (12-4)  2nd Big Sky

Cross Country (Men’s) – NCAA National Champions!

Cross Country (Women’s) – 1st in Big Sky

Let’s open up the thread, and remember to keep up the great work, Jacks!!!

For any of you who are out there reading this, would you like for these articles to be posted as blogs, or as separate websites?  I’m trying to get a feel for how to keep going here.  Also, if you’d like to contribute to this blog, let me know in the comments section!

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Pearl Harbor –
The first article above (NAU News, 2009) discusses NAU Alum Virgil Hengl (December 3, 1921 – August 1, 2011) who witnessed Pearl Harbor and later received a Master’s degree in education from NAU.
The second article discusses the Navajo Code talkers, who were an integral part of the US victory in the Pacific during WWII.
Science –
NAU Wildlife Endocrinologist Kathleen Hunt is using some novel ideas to study baleen whales.
This was an interesting article from NPR about the history of Smallpox, and although it’s not directly related to NAU, Dr. Paul Keim from NAU is quoted at the end of the article.
Great to see NAU working with Willow Bend Environmental Education Center to provide exposure to science to families that may not be able to experience these types of educational experiences on their own.
Campus Life –
Per the AZ Daily Sun Article above, NAU’s Faculty Senate approved Sanctuary (re-named “Universal Safety” for fear of funding reprisal) for NAU.
Also, stumbled upon the website for the NAU School of Communications news (Northern AZ Today, and thought I should share, just in case anyone was looking for a local news source.
Winter Sports Season:

Basketball (Men) 2-8 (0-0) The rough start continues for the Jacks, as they’ve dropped 8 of their first 10 (that’s 80% of their games for you Mathematicians and Engineers out there 😉 ). They will look to get their first win in December as they play and Arkansas – LittleRock (Dec 14th) at the Skydome, then go to West Texas to face the UTEP Miners.  Go Jacks!!! #NAUStrong

Basketball (Women) 4-4 (0-0)  The Lady Jacks get back to 0.500 on the year with a win over Denver.  Sunday they take on the New Mexico State Aggies in Flagstaff. (Go Lady Jacks!!!) #NAUStrong

Fall Sports Season:

Football – 5-6 (4-6)

Soccer – 10-7-5 (5-2-3) 2nd Big Sky

Volleyball – 24-8 (12-4)  2nd Big Sky

Cross Country (Men’s) – NCAA National Champions!

Cross Country (Women’s) – 1st in Big Sky

Let’s open up the thread, and remember to keep up the great work, Jacks!!!

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Busy Weekend

Sorry about the week off, I was super swamped at work and didn’t get a chance to write last week’s post.  Maybe this week’s will make up for it.  A lot to write about this week:

Football – The Jacks came up short last weekend, falling to the Sun Devils 44 – 13 in Tempe.  This is pretty much par for the course (except for 2012 when they beat UNLV in Las Vegas).  As usual, the Jacks played good until about half-way through the 3rd quarter, when ASU opened the flood gates. One thing I found disappointing (besides ASU targeting the Jacks) was when NAU had 1st and goal on the 1 yard line and then shot themselves in the foot.  It’s hard to score from the 1 against your peers, let alone a superior team; but don’t make it easier for them by getting dumb penalties.  Hopefully the Jacks will learn from this and do better against their FCS opponents.   The local college team here (not NAU) is getting ready for their “money game” against a much better opponent this weekend.  The local radio sportscaster was suggesting that they tear down the goal-posts if they pull off the upset.  If the Jacks win one of their “money games” one of these years, how should they/we celebrate?

Basketball – On Aug 24th, NAU released the Men’s Basketball schedule ( Personally, I’m looking forward to the Washington and UTEP games….Go Jacks!!!!

On the 25th, the Women’s schedule was released ( Looking forward to the UTEP and NMSU games from their slate.

Soccer – The Lady Jacks are off to a rough start (1 – 4) and will be looking to right the ship this weekend as they host the Annual Mountain Classic…let’s go Ladies!!!

Volleyball – The Lady Jacks are now 5 – 2, and will be hosting Bethune-Cookman tonight and Saturday night at the Rolle Activity Center for their home opener. Go Lady Jacks!!!

School – Per the article above, NAU has once again broken its enrollment record from last year, enrolling nearly 30,000 students across Arizona.

Way to go Jacks!  Keep up the great work, let’s get some W’s this weekend!

So, what do you guys think? What are you looking forward to most this weekend? What would you do if the Jacks won a “money game”? What about NAU’s latest enrollment numbers? Let us know in the comments section. This is now an open thread……Go JACKS!!!