Jacks on Top Again!

http://news.nau.edu/flagstaff-named-no-1-small-college-town-great-quality-life/#.V7X-_zbr0dU                                                                NAU Ranked #1 in small college towns by BestChoiceSchools.com (see link above).  I fully agree with their assessment (although, I may be somewhat biased).  It really is nice to see NAU garnering such great accolades.  This just makes me more proud to be an NAU Alum.


On the sports front, the Lady Jacks will start their soccer season this Friday against Utah Valley University at Lumberjack field.  With volleyball (selected number 1 in the Big Sky Conference Poll, per @NAUAthletics) another week off, and football a week after that, get out there and support @NAUWomensSoccer #NAUStrong

Originally, I was going to write about the Olympics and how many medals the various athletes that have trained in Flagstaff have won, but I was only able to get through about 50 of the 200 plus athletes, and they are still competing.

Again, it’s really an eye-opening experience writing this blog.  I was a student at NAU for 5 years, but many of these things either weren’t a big deal (social media) or I just never knew the extent to which it was taking place (number of athletes training in Flagstaff).  It’s really cool to see NAU getting recognized for doing positive things, and I hope it continues.  Go JACKS!!!


Golden Jacks!


The Rio 2016 Olympics gold medal (Photo credit: Rio 2016/Alex Ferro)  http://news.nau.edu/flagstaff-rio-high-altitude-training-pays-off-olympic-athletes/#.V6-w86NMHJs

According to the NAU Athletics website linked above, “Of the hundreds of athletes who trained here (NAU) this year, 202 athletes, representing 30 countries, made their respective Olympic teams—an all-time record for the northern Arizona community.” I always knew that athletes sought out Flagstaff’s thin air, and NAU’s training facilities, but I never realized the shear number of athletes training at NAU. I wish all the athletes that trained at NAU the best of luck in their quests for gold in Rio (unless they’re competing against the USA, in which case, I wish them the highest place not taken by the USA 😉 )     http://news.nau.edu/nau-ranked-no-1-nation-social-media-engagement-higher-education/#.V6-vSqNMHJs

Per the NAU News link above, NAU was ranked No. 1 by Rival IQ and Up&Up out of almost 340 institutions of higher learning. The companies described this as “the first ever study of the effectiveness of social media across leading universities in the United States.”

Way to go Jacks!!!

What do you think of the number of NAU athletes (or athletes that trained at NAU) that are in the Olympics? What about NAU taking the gold in Social Media? Let us know in the comments section.

Congrats, Jack (s) & Jill



NAU’s junior receiver and sophomore quarterback were both named to the STATS FCS Preseason All American 2nd Team (per the Foxsports article). Both Butler and Cookus are record holders at NAU after last season, and the Jacks will be expecting big things from them this coming season.


Also in NAU alumni news, congratulations to former Lumberjack dance team member Kellie Jackson, who was named to the Sacramento Kings Dance Squad (per NAU Dance’s Facebook page)!

Way to go JACKS!!!!

Are you excited about these awards/achievements or could care less?

Let us know in the comments section.

#1 Jacks

Two weeks ago, the NAU Lumberjacks were voted #1 in both the Big Sky Conference Coaches and Media Polls.  After going 5-3 in the Big Sky Conference in 2015, the Jacks are looking to do great things in 2016. The Coaches Poll saw the Jacks get 8 first place votes with the next closest teams getting 2 first place votes. In the Media Poll, the Jacks again got 8 votes for first and the next closest (Montana) got 7 votes for first. What do you think, will the Jacks be the best in the Big Sky this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below…Go JACKS!!!

New at NAU


NAU’s new School of Informatics, Computing and Cyber Systems was unveiled earlier this week (see ABC15’s story above), offering a doctorate in Informatics and Computing.  The school is part of the College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences (Hooray Engineering, Hooray Science!)  I personally think it’s great that NAU is expanding its offering to prospective students, and trying to raise its public profile in non-traditional NAU areas (Education, Nursing, Forestry, etc.).  The fact that this new school is part of the School I went to (Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences) is just icing on the cake.  I would like to see NAU continue to do this future.  This also goes along with this blog, in that I am trying to raise the profile of NAU (albeit in infinitesimally small steps) with this blog.

Drew Bledsoe's QB son, John Bledsoe, commits to Northern Arizona before FBS offers arrive

In other (sports) news, Drew Bledsoe’s son John (currently heading into his Sr High School season) committed to NAU this past Thursday (per USA Today).  Apparently, John has been playing very well in Oregon and committed to NAU early to avoid distractions in his senior season.  What do you think about this news?  Excited about the new School and/or QB commitment, or could care less?

Let us know in the comments section.  Go Jacks!!!

Tricky Little Jack

My son’s “X-Box” in the bed of my “truck”.

Tonight, my son played a pretty good trick on me: He gave me a toy truck.  He’s been asking for an X-Box for months, so I promised him a while back that if he got me a truck, then I would get him an X-Box.  After he gave me the truc, I quickly put an “X” on a medicine box and gave him his “X-Box”…he was not amused.  This reminds me a little bit of a trick I pulled on NAU when I went there (completing most of my Master’s while still an undergrad).  Let’s hear about the best trick you pulled on NAU (or that NAU pulled on you) in the comments section. Go Jacks!!!

For those of you that will be protesting and/hunting Pokémon: be careful out there.

Great Jacks!!!

After an….eventful Copa America Centenario (soccer tournament of North and South America), we saw royalty get overthrown  (Uruguay and Brazil made early exits), North America get dismantled by South America (the USA and Mexico combined to score twice while giving up 13 goals in the knock out round), Chile again got lucky, and the greatest soccer player in the world announced his retirement.  This brings me to the topic of today’s thread:  Who was/is the greatest Lumberjack?  I’ll stick with the soccer theme and say Karla Rogers.  On another note, for anyone who may actually read this blog, it will be a few weeks until the next post, as a (much-needed) vacation is planned for the next few weeks.  Go Jacks!!!