Basketball Tourney

So today, John Calipari proposed a new idea for the SEC Conference Tournament that would have it scheduled for November, rather than March.  The idea behind this basically being to make the conference tournament less important and the regular season more important.  This idea could help the one bid conferences since the best regular season team would get the automatic bid, rather than a poor team that just happened to get hot/lucky at the end of the season.  So what do you think, Jacks?  Is this a good idea for the Big Sky?

Memorial Day Jacks!

For the first time in several years, I was able to fly a flag on Memorial Day.  If only I had had the foresight to fly an NAU flag as well.  Over the long weekend, the Jacks had some accomplishments that were pretty significant.  The Men’s 4x100m relay and  Andy Trouard in the Men’s 1,500m reached Nationals, way to go Jacks!


School’s Out

What’s your favorite memory from NAU?

So now that the semester is over, I think back on one of the memories that stands out from my time at NAU (besides graduating inside the Dome).  Back in 2003 or 2004, NAU made the playoffs for football and hosted a game against Florida International.  The Jacks didn’t win that day, but just being at the game was great.  So what’s you favorite memory from NAU?  Go Jacks!

Go Jacks!!!

Blog about the NAU Lumberjacks


This is my very first post. I started this blog to discuss sports associated with my Alma Mater Northern Arizona University.  The plan right now is to start slowly, and then possibly ramp up as I get more comfortable blogging.  Ultimately, I would like to see this become a community for Lumberjack alumni, sympathizers, fans, etc.  If you have any inputs let me know in the comments section. This is now a open post. Go Jacks!